Scan Your Tan: Skin Damage Viewing

Skin damage viewing gives you a visual understanding of your skin. OSU Extension brings a skin viewing unit that uses black light to illuminate underlying damage of your facial skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Damaged areas of the face will appear in various fluorescent hues. While this is an effective visual for revealing damage to the skin, it does not replace medical attention. Viewers will be directed to consult with their medical professional.

Sun Safety Educational Programs

A tailored program for your business, school, or organization can be provided. This could include a brief 20-minute educational program and skin damage viewing or a longer educational program that will meet your needs. Tabletop displays which feature additional consumer information such as sun-safe apparel and effective sunscreens may also be available.

Programs for Everyone Under the Sun!

Audiences include (but are not limited to):
˃ Pre-school
˃ Elementary school
˃ Junior high school
˃ High School
˃ Athletes
˃ Youth groups
˃ Garden clubs
˃ Church groups
˃ Farmers
˃ Parents
˃ Families
˃ Senior groups
˃ Businesses/Corporations
˃ Seasonal employees
˃ Environmental (outdoor) employees

* Fees vary according to location and services provided.

At this time, Hamilton County Extension does not offer this program due to shortage in funding.  Visit the Extension's Family and Consumer Sciences site for information about this program in other counties.