Exhibition is a huge part of 4-H. Showing off what you learned, demonstrating your knowledge and working with partners to increase access to the transormative power of 4-H is key to the experience.

Hamilton County 4-H has many avenues for exhbition.

The Hamilton County Community Fair

The Hamilton County Fair &

The Harvest Home Fair

Serve as our primary opportunites to exhibit a project.

The Ohio State Fair offers ongoing opportunitites for those youth who were state fair elegable. Many of our county youth participate in the state fair each year.


The Hamilton County Community Fair

For more information about the Hamilton County Community Fair, click here:

Group Day

For more information, click here.

Resources for 4-H Youth:

Rule Book

Appendix A - Project  Selection Forms & Class Listings

Appendix B - Poster Guidelines

Appendix C - DUNF and ODA Rules

Appendix D - Lists of Items

Appendix E - Livestock Sale ad

Appendix F - 4-H Club Booth Guidelines and Judging Criteria

Appendix G - Dog Project Forms

Appendix H - Horse Program Paperwork

Project Selection Forms

These forms are to be completed and turned in so that the 4-H Educator is aware of what projects and classes the 4-H youth will be participating in.

Beef Selection Form

Sheep Selection Form

Swine Selection Form

Goat Selection Form

Rabbit Selection Form

Poultry Selection Form

Dog Selection Form

Non-Livestock/Special Interest Selection Form

Horse Forms and Informaton

Market Animal Possession Registration Forms

These forms need to be completed and returned to the Extension Office within 7 days of the possession date. **FOUR pictures must be included with each registration form.**

Beef Possession Registration Form

Goat Possession RegistrationForm

Hog Possession Registration Form

Lamb Possession Registration Form

Dog Project Information

Information for youth taking or considering taking a dog project.  Some information requires forms, other information is for education only.

Dog ID and Vaccination Cert. Form

This form is required.

Permission to Participate in Dog Program Form

This form is REQUIRED and needs to be turned in with the Dog Project Selection Form (found in the project selection folder).

Member Info and Dog Show Info

This is a form to help youth remember what dog has been shown in which classes.  This is an educational piece only.