1. Investigating Electricity Virtual SPIN Club

    May. 20, 2020

    Join Hamilton County 4-H Volunteer Dean Rettig for a new kind of club.

    Register now for the “Investigating Electricity” Virtual Special Interest (SPIN) Club!

    Dates: Tuesday & Thursdays June 2, 2020- June 18, 2020

    Times: 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

     Session 1

    Introduction Going back and forth (galvanometer - AC vs DC)

    Session 2

    The Electric Detective’s Most Important Tool  (Intro to Multi-Meter / volt-ohm meter To Flow or Not To Flow (conductors vs insulators

    Session 3

  2. Two Minutes with Tony: Who Cares?

    May. 11, 2020

    What’s the point?

    Have you ever had those moments where you wonder why you’re doing something?

    You take a moment and think, no one cares, no one wants this, no one notices this.

    That’s when you have to look inside and ask, why? Is this for you or is it to please others. Now is a great time to stop, reassess and find compromise.

  3. OSU Extension offices throughout Ohio will continue existing teleworking arrangements for staff during Ohio’s extended Stay Safe Ohio order

    May. 04, 2020

    Ohio State University Extension will continue operating via its teleworking plan for all employees and keep physical OSU Extension offices closed to the public until further notice. This remains in accordance with The Ohio State University’s decision that all university employees, with the exception of essential facilities workers, are to continue teleworking and remain off campus, physical distancing and taking all other precautions to stay safe.

  4. Two Minutes with Tony: Speak Up

    Apr. 28, 2020

    The world is full of characters but, life is much more complicated than a story. You might feel like your life is the A story line, or sometimes the B. But, there are no storylines, only a woven tapestry of events both complicated and simplified by the actions of others.

  5. Hamilton County 4-H Advisory Committee and Club Advisors Update

    Apr. 23, 2020


    I hope that you are finding time to take care of yourself. Please take time to review each bullet below as some information has changed.

    Advisors, please share these updates, as appropriate, with your members.

  6. Two Minutes with Tony: Goals and the Pandemic

    Apr. 13, 2020

    Sometimes, it is okay to feel out of control. Sometimes, it is okay to say goodbye. Sometimes you must walk away from what was and walk into what will be. We have all tried to hide away for as long as we can but, one day we must confront the truth and come to the realization that our world is illuminated by the light we cast.

  7. Two Minutes with Tony: My Flower Bed

    Apr. 06, 2020

    Last fall I planted a few Daffodils in an expanded flowerbed. It was a welcomed sight when their bright yellow flowers began to appear this spring.

    But the flowers are starting to fade, and the weeds are showing through. And I’m realizing a very important lesson.

    Weed control is about long-term lifestyle choices not short-term aggression.

  8. -DEFINED- Policy Analysis by Tony Staubach

    Apr. 03, 2020

    Join us for a weekly conversation on current events through the lens of policy analysis. Each week we’ll use a research-based model or framework to analyze an event or instance and use evidence based data to inform our opinions. This week we’re looking at Ohio’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ll talk about the successes and failures and why decisions were made.


  9. Hamilton County 4-H Explorers Guide

    Apr. 03, 2020

    Where can I find research-based content that will be fun, educational and useful for my own needs as a parent, teacher or caretaker? Visit the Hamilton County 4-H Explorers Guide! We have complied our most successful digital resources all in one place. Visit us each week for at home activities, videos and lessons.

    This week we have added:

  10. Tales with Tony- Compost Lesson 1

    Mar. 31, 2020

    On this week's "Tales with Tony" we read Garden Wigglers and learn about vermicomposting.

    For the coordinating lesson plans visit:

    An outline of the lesson is available below: