1. Farm to School Workshop November 10th

    Oct. 27, 2016

    Food is the third greatest expense for the typical American household. Approximately 13% of the average budget is consumed by food. [1] Consequently, 12.7% of US households are food-insecure, 7.7% of those households classify as having low food security and 5% classify as having very low food security. Ohio ranks above the national average in food in-security.

  2. Hamilton County is Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class

    Jul. 28, 2016

    OSU Extension, Hamilton County is now accepting applications for their 201 6 Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class.  The Master Gardener Volunteer Program provides intensive training in horticulture to interested gardeners who then volunteer their time assisting with educational programs and activities for Ohio residents through their Ohio State University County Extension Office. The Master Gardener training course consists of a minimum of 50 hours of instruction.

  3. Pressure Canning Workshop

    Jul. 13, 2016

    Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 6:00-7:30 pm

    Location: 5093 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223

    Cost: $15

  4. Preserving the Harvest, Part II: Water Bath Canning

    Jul. 08, 2016

    Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 6:00-8:00 pm

    Location: OSU Extension, Hamilton County, 5093 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223

    Cost: $15

  5. OSU Extension, Hamilton County Innovation Station

    Jul. 07, 2016

    It’s Summer!  What did you do today? My friends and I went to the Ohio State University Extension, Innovation Station in Hamilton County at Mt. Airy Forest. 

  6. 4-H Agri-Science in the City is Getting Students to Think About the Global Food System

    Jun. 22, 2016

    The summer is usually a time for rest and relaxation but for 4-H Agri-Science in the City at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy it is a time for great excitement and enthusiasm. As the 3rd week of the Rothenberg Preparatory Academy Summer Program at Cincinnati Public Schools comes to a close we are working with students to develop presentations on what they have learned as is relates to food issues on 4 of the 7 continents.  
  7. Hamilton County Master Gardener Volunteers Adopt-a-Day at the Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show

    May. 19, 2016

    Hamilton County Master Gardeners were involved with Adopt-a-Day at this year's Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory on May 19th.  Master Gardeners volunteered to provide all day coverage to staff the Butterflies of the Caribbean Show.


  8. Master Gardener Day at the Cincinnati Flower Show

    Apr. 06, 2016

    Cincinnati Flower Show

    Yeatman’s Cove

    705 E Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

    Master Gardener Special Event

    Thursday, April 14

    10:00 am – 2:00 pm

  9. Hamilton County Extension's Joe Boggs featured on WLWT's report on Invasive Flowering Pear Tree

    Apr. 01, 2016

    Joe Boggs, Assistant Professor, OSU Extension, Hamilton County and Department of Entomology shared his expertise along side colleague Dr. Theresa Culley with the University of Cincinnati Biological Sciences as they discussed the prevalence of the flowering pear trees in Greater Cincinnati and their status on Ohio's invasive species list with WLWT Reporter, Brian Hamrick.


  10. Innovation Station Summer Enrichment Program

    Mar. 02, 2016

    The Innovation Station Summer Program provides community outreach for youth ages 5-12 through innovative agricultural activities. It also provides fun and educational venues connecting youth with natural resources, healthy eating options, physical activity through STEM play, gardening activities, the importance of water in your diet and respect for plant and animal life.

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