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August 1, 2018 - 4:32pm --

I once had a friend who described me as uninhibited. She told me she looked on and saw me as this happy, resilient force. She told me that she was in awe of my ability to shrug off the frustrations around me and stay focused on my goals.

While her message was heart warming and sweet, she couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not uninhibited, I walk around with the same levels of insecurity, frustration and fear as everyone. But, her words were a reminder that I am a social actor in the great play of life.

I have had the pleasure of occupying a variety of roles in my life. I’ve been a performer, teacher, policy analyst, grant writer, friend, son, care taker, innovator, entrepreneur, artist, etc. But, in every professional endeavor I am known as the “nice guy.”

Although, I often break from character and make mistakes, I’m the one that people go to when they need a pick me up or just want someone to make themselves feel better.

Learning what roles, I occupy in my communities has given me a deep understanding my self-worth but also clarity to achieve my goals.

Through 4-H youth learn a lot about themselves. They learn about their work ethic, interests and abilities. They work toward mastery and find passion in their hard work.

What makes 4-H particularly special is that no child is left without a place. There are hundreds of projects on a variety subjects, every child can find something that interests them.

And if they can’t it’s the work of the County Professionals to work to find or develop those projects.

I consider myself very privileged to be the 4-H Educator in Hamilton County because I have a wonderful opportunity to bring this innovative program to new underserved audiences while continuing to pour into those youth who have been a part of 4-H for multiple generations.

If you’d like to join 4-H in Hamilton County visit and search for 4-H.

If you’d like to show some support for 4-H sigh up online for our 4-H Fun Run on October 7th!