June 22, 2018 - 12:48pm -- staubach.9@osu.edu

“Two Minutes with Tony: Removing Self Doubt” 6-22-18
By Tony Staubach, Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development.


I have spent my life pursing two missions. First, to find and spread peace and comfort. Second, to ensure that all of those who enter my life are safe, healthy and happy. I often find myself tormented by the decisions I have made that did not result in my intended outcome.

A seemingly typical person might brush this off as a mistake but, I am hyper critical of myself. The bell of self-doubt rings loudly in my mind.

I share this message with you today, not just to serve as introduction but as a reminder. A reminder that self-doubt is ever present for some of us. That as educators, community leaders and stewards of this world we have a responsibility to question our actions, intentions and the systems we serve.

As the Extension Educator for 4-H Youth Development with OSU Extension, Hamilton County, I feel the responsibility to make my intentions clear within our community. I believe that 4-H a space that is safe for all children.

I believe that we are called to be an inclusive and accepting group, providing ample space for youth to explore and develop relationships with positive adult role models. 4-H is about so much more than the fair, than camp, than clubs. Those are delivery methods. 4-H is about giving youth the opportunities to learn, grow, adapt and improve.

Like the infamous lyrics say “I believe that children are the future.” I believe that I have a responsibility to do everything I can to ensure that today’s children become tomorrows leaders. We have a fine line to walk to ensure their safety while also ensuring their right to self-discovery but, together we can find that balance and prepare the next generation to take the reins.

Through 4-H, I do not believe that I can solve the world’s problems, but I do believe that we, as partners, can equip our children with the skills, compassion, and drive to take on issues that we cannot even comprehend. I encourage all of you to take a moment and look through the Ohio 4-H Family Guide and identify interesting, innovative, unique projects that you want to do.

I encourage you help me identify potential new programming opportunities, I encourage you to help us build the Hamilton County 4-H Endowment to keep our program strong in perpetuity,

I encourage you to buy tickets to 4-H Night at the Cincinnati Reds on August 13th.

I encourage you to think about signing up for our 4-H Fun Run on October 7th.  

But, mostly, I ask you to look inside your self and identify how you can use your skills, talents and treasures to improve the lives of our youth.