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September 14, 2018 - 2:51pm --

Failure only comes to those who lack passion and love for the task at hand.

There is no success without passion. There is no love without understanding. There is no power without cooperation. The reality is that the greatest leaders are followers, playing a role in a successful system. The sun will rise tomorrow but, will you be here to enjoy that warmth?

Organizational, personal and professional success doesn’t exist because of one person, it’s because of a community. There is truth in the reality that it takes a village to raise a child because, how can one person ever be enough to build a whole, productive citizen of this world?

We are communal beings; a lesson I’ve recently come to understand to a magnitude greater than I ever thought possible. Community is an invaluable and inevitable part of humanity.

It is our duty to proceed thoughtfully and passionately into the world with welcome arms. To accept those who are seeking our compassion and to serve as a beacon to those who are lost on their journey.

Success doesn’t come to those who live on an island, it comes to those who aren’t afraid to try and leave. We may not be able to escape our bounds but that doesn’t give us reason to give up. We must try to do better, we must try to do more and we must be open and accepting to those who need us.

We are not here to make 4-H a service, 4-H is a mission. We are driven to inspire success beyond any measurable metric. The inspiring work of our volunteers and youth leadership extends beyond any demographic group and manifests itself in the hearts and minds of countless successful people around the world.

To build a community of success only takes one thing. Passion. We are called to be passionate in our pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. You must implore within yourself a mission to seek more than what we have today. You must execute with enthusiasm what it is you expect to see tomorrow. You must thank those who gave and become one who gives.

Find your passion, join 4-H.