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July 6, 2018 - 10:52am --

Time is fascinating. As a child, it feels unlimited; as a professional, it’s a harsh task master; and there comes a point in all of our lives when our own time ceases. It is a seemingly finite resource; yet, some people seem to have far more time than others. 

As I’ve said many times before, I am a mission driven individual. The major constraint to being able to succeed is the limited amount of time I have at my disposal. As much as I love working and achieving my goals, I am disappointed by the available time I can dedicate to my friends and family.  

Professionals in the public sector have long viewed volunteerism as the key to doing more work but, volunteerism has its shortcomings. In a world of dual income or single parent households, the reality of counting on parents to serve as a primary source of volunteers for 4-H programs has become strained.  

Parents continue to play a vital role but, it is time for a larger collective of positive, caring and responsible adults to step forward to help accomplish the goals for 4-H.  

Volunteers are needed to perform a variety of roles. Chief among them is to serve as a club advisor. Perhaps the most important role in our 4-H system, club advisors are points of light in every community. Serving as a mentor, guide and friend to the families and youth of 4-H.  

In order for our advisors to be successful we need experts on the ground, ready to serve as resources on topics as carried as art to zoonotic diseases. These individuals are the ones who make 4-H as robust as it is safe for our youth. But, more volunteers are needed still to help with administrative functions, fundraising, data collection and marketing. 

4-H is about the youth. In order for our youth to have a successful childhood and become productive citizens we must have the resources available to meet their needs and help them discover their passions. We must be prepared to create a safe space where youth can lead. 

So, I ask you to come together, volunteer to be part of our collective action to improve lives in our community. If you are a 4-H volunteer, thank you! If you want to become a 4-H volunteer in Hamilton County, contact the Extension Office to learn more.