August 22, 2018 - 4:14pm --

There are three important elements I consider when trying to take a good, long distance picture. Stability, clarity and purpose.

First, to get a clear picture, I need to make sure that the camera is stable. So, I use a tri-pod.  

Second, when I zoom in, the atmosphere tends to wash out the image. To see the image clearly, I need to take photographs on a clear day and use editing software to render a usable image.

Third, I always ask myself why? Why do I want this picture, why is this image worth my time?

Taking a picture is like  how we build a vision for our own future. Before we can envision a future we need a stable foundation on which to build that image.

We need to have the clarity and tools necessary to take the random assortment of dreams and turn them into a narrative that we can all appreciate.

Finally, we must know our purpose. Why do we need a future vision, why is this what I see?

To build a strong and successful 4-H program we must capitalize on our stability. What is stable about 4-H, the mission and the youth.

Forever, 4-H has been about youth development, while our world may change, youth will age out, volunteers will move on, youth from 5-19 will continue to show up, thirsty for the good that 4-H can provide.

As we work to build better futures for your communities’ youth, we must provide that stable and strong foundation. It is the building block for all future development. We must work to create systems where adults are ever present to help guide our youth to success.

If you’re up to the task we’d love for you to serve as a 4-H volunteer or to enroll your children in one of our many 4-H clubs. We’d also love to see you at some of our teacher trainings or at our Fun Run 5K!