April 6, 2020 - 2:12pm -- staubach.9@osu.edu

Last fall I planted a few Daffodils in an expanded flowerbed. It was a welcomed sight when their bright yellow flowers began to appear this spring.

But the flowers are starting to fade, and the weeds are showing through. And I’m realizing a very important lesson.

Weed control is about long-term lifestyle choices not short-term aggression.

Rather than aggressively ripping out weeds I choose to engage in a third method. First, I have been saving my cardboard boxes so I can cover the weeds and grass with a barrier that will decompose. Then I cover that in mulch.

A simple solution. I don’t want the barrier to last forever so, cardboard is an excellent solution. The cardboard will decompose, weeds won’t grow, my daffodils will lose their flowers and the cycle will continue each year.

Second, I have provided my garden beds with a perimeter so that I can easily find the line that separates my yard from my garden. No accidently running over my plants and less lawn creeping into my flowerbeds.

Finally, I have started using the bagger on my mower when I mow against the flowerbeds. The grass does wonders for my compost and bagging keep weeds and grass clippings from being sprayed into my flowerbeds. I encourage all our 4-H members and families to take time to plan ahead this spring.

You’ll be surprised by how much time, energy and stress you can save by tuning into the rhythm of life.