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March 30, 2020 - 12:43pm --


It’s okay to be bored, in fact it’s a good thing sometimes. If this global pandemic and social isolation has taught me anything, it’s that I need to take some time to sit in my solitude and find my passion again.

A friend of mine wrote a few years ago about the importance of boredom. I thought she was onto something great. She shared with me a plethora of research on how creativity is born out of necessity.

I look at my own childhood and I can see that her hypothesis was right. The moments I cherish the most were not those that were programmed for me, they were the moments where my siblings, friends and I would create a world for ourselves.

Now, in the face of this global pandemic, I can’t help but find ways to appreciate this forced slowdown. I have had time to practice the piano, work on my kitchen renovation, catch up on my emails, create new online content for our local families, enjoy nature and reflect on the past few years.

If the curse is time alone then the gift is creativity. I feel an unprecedented movement, flowing from my brain to my finders to the paper in front of me.

But, words are how I am creative. Others find creativity in data analysis. A friend of mine has been sharing infographics he created, another has been developing new digital ways to engage and another friend has found beauty and solace in landscaping their yard.

Yes, this forced slowdown is likely to create unfavorable economic conditions. Yes, this forced slowdown is annoying and separates us from the people we love. But, this forced slowdown is a gift that is going to save lives, flatten the curve and help us achieve a new level of creativity.

I invite all the 4-H Families to highlight their creativity using #HC4HStaysIn. This hash tag can showcase not only the work our 4-H’ers are doing while at home but how they are demonstrating their resilience and creativity at this time.

I hope you take this time to get creativity, stay in to help flatten the curve and find joy in the world around us. If you’re looking for more information on Hamilton County 4-H visit. Hamilton.OSU.Edu.