July 7, 2020 - 2:42pm -- staubach.9@osu.edu

Join Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Tony Staubach as he shows you how to make Ginger, Chili, Lime Hummus and read his original work about Garden Weevils.

Punky Garden Weevil

By: Tony Staubach

What are they doing,

What happened here?

My carrots are missing,

Parts here and there.


They look like they’ve rot.

They’re slimy and gross.

What is destroying,

My tasty host.


The dreaded weevil-

That distinctive punk.

Has eaten my carrots,

Chunk by chunk.


They start out real small-

In that larval stage.

Then they group quite large,

Eating my carrots and sage.


They don’t look real mean,

But they give me a fright.

Six legs, antenna,

Long snout, that’s right.


How can I get rid,

Of these pests in my yard?

I’ll have to work all day,

But it won’t be that hard.


Remove where they hide,

Like mulch and small rocks.

And remove them as I see them,

To a safer spot.


I can’t use a cage,

I can’t use a broom,

I have to just watch,

Eventually I’ll groom…


A space for my plants,

To thrive and to grow,

And then I can eat,

Carrots and hummus, ya know!