September 13, 2019 - 12:26pm --

MarketReady is a day long training covering sale of locally produced foods to: Restaurants, Grocers, Wholesalers, and Direct to Consumers.
Who Should Attend the Training?
Individuals interested in selling their locally produced food through various market channels. Those who want to explore ways to improve their sales skills and business relationships, and those who are considering or are just developing a new food business.

•    Educates local food producers in order to help them evaluate and navigate various market channels
•    Teaches local food producers how to establish an effective business strategy in order to effectively reach their target markets
•    Includes practical information on how to approach and interact with various market channels
•    Key business functions included are the differing needs for different market channels; invoicing, ordering, insurance needs, packaging and much more

$25 per person
$15 for Farm Bureau members Lunch will be provided


Location: 4210 Dane Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223
Questions: Christie Welch
740-289-2071 x 132

Market Ready Cincinnati