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April 23, 2020 - 3:18pm --


I hope that you are finding time to take care of yourself. Please take time to review each bullet below as some information has changed.

Advisors, please share these updates, as appropriate, with your members.

  1. 4-H Project Interviews
    1. Our team is finalizing details regarding the virtual project interviews which are scheduled for June 23 and June 30.
    2. General and Livestock Exhibitors will be encouraged to complete their interviews.
    3. We will ensure that the digital interviews are open and accessible.
  2. Hamilton County Community Fair
    1. We have been in constant communication with the Hamilton County Community Fair. Be on the look out for information about exhibition and fair registration.
    2. Hamilton County 4-H will be sponsoring and hosting a digital exhibition for registered projects. This will require additional parental permission.
  3. Harvest Home Fair
    1. I’m sure you’ve seen the news that Harvest Home Fair is cancelled for 2020. We want to continue to show support to this important partner.
    2. If you know someone from the Kiwanis organization please send them a note of thanks for choosing to help flatten the curve and remain compliant with current state regulations.
  4. Project Books
    1. I’m tracking down some of your missing project books. We’ll figure out what happened.
    2. Ohio residents can order directly from with one of these discounts: FREE2020 for free shipping OR 20IN2020 for 20% off the entire order. Both are being offered so each person who places an order can decide.

                                                    i.     Even with these coupons, getting a printed project book is still slightly more expensive but this is our current workaround.

                                                   ii.     The coupon codes do not work for zip codes outside the state of Ohio. We recognize this option will not be available to a very small number of cross-state line 4-H members.

    1. In keeping with the Stay at Home order, club advisors and others should refrain from distributing books.
    2. Orders from county office accounts are not being accepted at this time.
  1. Online Resources
    1. Download a project book for free. A special collection of project books is available for free on the Perfect Stay-at-Home Projects web page. Click on the book you want, and when the file opens on your screen, save or print it from there. Horseless Horse and Science Fun with Physics are being added soon! (For accessible formats of these publications, visit
    2. If you would rather not purchase a book in this way, self-determined projects are an excellent choice for self-motivated members eager to get started by creating their own projects. Although self-determined projects may be better suited for older 4-H members, they are available for any member and are often based on idea starters already available online. Many of the idea starters are great stay-at-home projects too, for example, Music, Bats, String Art, Climate Change, American Sign Language, etc. Our extraordinary educators are even preparing one called My Stay-at-Home Summer! (For project judging, self-determined projects are judged in self-determined categories.)
    3. As an educator I have amassing and sharing digital resources for your families. Check out the Hamilton County 4-H Explorers Guide for digital lessons and videos:
  2. Camp
    1. Unfortunately, our camp dates fall within the restrictions from OSU. We have had to move camp to an online format with a possible option to postpone until September.
    2. We are working through the logistics of all of this and will have more information soon.
  3. Club Meeting Requirements
    1. Clubs are still required to meet 6 times throughout the year (they can be any time before September 30, 2020)
    2. Online club meetings can be conducted using Zoom or other platforms.
  4. Quality Assurance Training
    1. We have been authorized to do quality assurance training virtually.
    2. Advisors, please connect with one of these individuals who have been briefed on how to do virtual quality assurance trainings to schedule a one for your club:

                                                    i.     Lindsay Horlander-

                                                   ii.     Tim Dicke-

                                                  iii.     Kris Mason-

                                                  iv.     Debbie Roell-

                                                   v.     Rachel Earich-

    1. We have a county wide quality assurance training scheduled on 4/22/2020  at 6:00PM. If you have youth who want to attend that training they need to pre-register by emailing
  1. July 6, 2020.
    1. This is still the planned end date for the cancelation of in person programming. We will continue to review the situation but, there are no in person programs until after July 6 and no camps through August 31, 2020.
    2. I’m sure you’ve got questions, I’m sure your families and youth do too. Join me for an update on 4/22/2020 at 5:00PM;
    3. We will go over the information we have to this point and answer all the questions we can.


I am sorry for such a lengthy email. Feel free to reach out with questions.