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February 2, 2021 - 1:46pm --

Congratulations to Savannah and Serinity Earich for their Gold Level Accomplishment from the State Horse Awards. In order to reach this level they each had to:

Complete the Horse Bowl -The primary objective of Horse Bowl Competition is to provide an opportunity for 4-H members enrolled in horse projects to demonstrate their knowledge of equine-related matters in a competitive setting, where attitudes of friendliness and fairness prevail. This team style competition quiz bowl included: Junior Team Members: Serenity, Irelyn, Laramie, and Marinaand Senior Team Members: Savannah, Hailey, Ian, and Payton.

Participate in Hippology -The primary objective of the Hippology Contest is to provide, in a friendly but competitive setting, an opportunity for youth enrolled in a 4-H horse projects to demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge and understanding of equine science and husbandry, and the application of this knowledge and skill.  Junior team of Serenity, Irelyn, and Laramie and senior team of Savannah, Hailey, Ian. Serenity placed 8th overall junior, and Savannah 25th overall senior.

Engage in Horse Judging -Competitors judge classes and submit oral reasons online. Juniors are required to give two sets of reasons and seniors will be required to give 3-4 sets which will be included in both total scores.  Junior team 11th, Serenity 28th. Senior team 18th, Savannah 58th.

Finish and participate in the poster contest - Serenity 17th, Savannah 7th.

Engage in skillathon.

Finish Groom and Clean - which was done virtually this year.

Conduct a Competitive Trail Ride - which was completed virtually this year.

And finally, do an alternative service project - due to the COVID-19 Pandemic youth were expected to do a service project in place of the Jr. Horse Show. Serenity and Savannah chose to complete this project adding a valuable expereince to their 4-H tenure.

Let's give these two outstanding members a round of applause for their accomplishment.