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August 13, 2021 - 6:38pm --

There aren’t many institutions that make it to 165 years old. But the Hamilton County Agricultural Society can proudly carry that flag.

In a city like Cincinnati, it is easy to take for granted the longevity of the Hamilton County Agricultural Society, but their tenacity and passion must be celebrated.

Established in 1819 by William Henry Harrison, the Hamilton County Fair, the oldest county fair in Ohio, was held in 1820. In 1855 it moved to the current location in the Carthage neighborhood.  

Only wars and pandemics have prevented the dedicated volunteers of the Hamilton County Agricultural Society from holding the annual fair.

That’s why the 2021 fair is branded the “165th Fair, Take 2”. After a one-year hiatus, the Hamilton County Fair has returned with a power and passion not seen previously.

It’s been a privilege to work with the Hamilton County Agricultural Society over the past year. Under Ohio Revised Code, a county agent of the Ohio State University Extension is appointed as a non-voting member of the board.

As the Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, I have been impressed by the passion of the board. With only the best of intentions, a desire to support their community, and a tight budget, the impossible is achieved each year.

Collaborations are plenty throughout the year, working to ensure that the grounds are activated nearly every week, but during the fair the campus serves its original purpose. A place to showcase, educate, and support.

The Hamilton County Fair is going on now! Thursday from 4pm-11pm. Friday from 4pm-11pm. Saturday from 11am-11:00pm. And Sunday from 12pm-10pm.

The $10 admission includes the cost of rides. The parking fee is $5.

It would be easy to call this volunteer run event a success, but it’s more important to share that this is a collaborative and community driven event, incorporating the efforts of various stakeholders. That’s what should be celebrated.

Come out, see the sights, and become part of the community!

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