Poultry Clinic

Saturday, January 11, 2020 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Jacobs Farm: 9105 Luther Ln. Cleves, OH 45002
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Kris Mason
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Join Butler County Extension Educator, J.T.
Benitez and learn about:
• What kind of an investment in time and money
is expected for various poultry projects?
• what should you have before you get your
• What range of protein is best at what age?
• What type of temperature and humidity at what
age and how does it change as your bird
• How do needs and observation concerns
change as a bird grows?
• Sources for high quality stock.
• Difference is source for exhibition verses
• How do you protect from predators?
• What to look for signs of illness or lack of
• What are the traditional breeds for market for
Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Geese?
• What other types of poultry meat and products
are there?
• How do you evaluate egg production and
• Incubation.
• Supplies.